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Harding Street Church of Christ

              Morrilton Arkansas 72110

About our goals for this website.

This site is maintained and created to foster understanding of  what it means to be a Christian living in our modern world and to find peace and understanding in God's and our Lords Jesus Christ word as it is written in the Bible...

This site also offers fellowship and comfort to those in need, all are welcome to visit it and always welcome to come and visit our church.

We pray in some small way that this site  will be of help to all....












Our Preacher


Charles Bane has been with the Harding Street Church of Christ since October of 1989. He previously preached here from January to September of 1963 and also from May of 1969 until October of 1976. Charles has conducted Vacation Bible Schools in area congregations, preached in gospel meetings in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri and held singing schools over the years. He has been married to his wife, Dianna, for 50 years and they have two children and three grandchildren. Along with his preaching the gospel, he was an educator for 38 years in the Arkansas Public School System.

Our Church is Located at:

906 Harding Street, Morrilton Arkansas 72110

(501)354-4337 church office

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